The best Blogs about Depression 2020

People suffering from depression often feel misunderstood and left alone because the thoughts and feelings of a depressed person are hardly understandable for mentally healthy people. Therefore, blogs that contain a world of thoughts and feelings are a very important element of any therapy for depression.

Here is a list of best blogs about depression, which I can recommend with a clear conscience due to their ability to help people suffering from depression: 



Bill White founded Chipur because he is not only a mental health professional but also lives with mood and anxiety disorders. White believes that his combined perspective can help provide readers with a balanced view of how they can manage their mental health problems or help support someone else to deal with them. Chipur helps readers make informed decisions about treatment and medications and addresses issues such as when to talk to their children about mental health problems.


A Splintered mind

When Douglas Cootey started A Splintered Mind, he wanted to deal with both ADHD and depression to overcome the stigma that is often associated with both. He does this by writing about his experiences, including how useful photo lists can be and how to deal with multiple projects simultaneously. A Splintered mind is a unique resource for people living with depression, ADHD, or both, and loved ones who seek to support them.


Healthy Place

What do you do when both you and your child have depression? How to deal with a crisis when living with depression? The detailed articles on Healthy Place cover these and many other questions. Healthy Place provides comprehensive information on mental health problems, medications, treatments, news and developments, and more for people with mental health problems and their loved ones. There is also an entire section full of free psychological tests that you can do to determine if you have depression, bipolar, anxiety, and more.


Wing of Madness

Started in 1995, Wing of Madness is one of the longest-running blogs on depression to help people seek treatment. Deborah, the creator, writes about topics like the best things to say to someone who has depression, how to help when the child is depressed, and what to do while you wait for your antidepressants to work. Wing of Madness also provides information on mental health news, including the latest treatment options.



Blurt introduces the blog to readers in this way: 

“Think of us as the knowing nod. You’ve seen it – a slight bob of the head, often accompanied by a smile. A little movement that says, “I understand”, “I’m listening” and “I’m here for you”. That’s us.”

The blog explains how to start talking openly about your mental health, post-panic self-care, supporting a loved one with anxiety, and how physical pain affects mental health. Blurt is serious about this job, which they believe “not only changes your life but saves them.”


Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

The founder of Everything Matters: Beyond Meds, Monica Cassani, is a mental health professional and ex-patient, so she understands the intersections and how the experience feels from both perspectives. He weaves this understanding into his writing about natural self-care methods, including meditation, awareness, yoga, and emotional healing.


Miriam Slozberg

Miriam Slozberg, an author, wants to raise awareness and break down the stigma surrounding mental health. He writes about his experiences with depression – from winter activities that can help the importance of taking care of his needs to mental health chatbots – from his perspective based on spirituality and as a parent. This is a good resource for parents with mental illness or parents of children dealing with mental health problems.



Many people know TalkSpace as an online therapy source. They work to make mental health care more accessible and convenient for people, and they also have a blog with resources on specific topics. Their posts on depression cover everything from applying to jobs while depressed to how a breast cancer diagnosis could affect your mental health to parenting with depression. The TalkSpace blog is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about mental health, whether he has a diagnosis or not, including those who support someone else with mental health problems. It can also be useful for healthcare professionals, healthcare professionals, and other support workers.


League for the defense of parents/professionals

Lisa Lambert founded the Parent/Professional Advocacy League, a state-based nonprofit company based in Boston, in 1991 because of her experience as a parent of a child with mental health problems. The blog presents his writing and other personal stories on topics such as recovering from trauma as a family and the importance of parental support. PPAL is an excellent resource for parents, guardians, caregivers, and loved ones of children and adolescents with mental health problems. It can also be a useful resource for teachers and others whose job is primarily to work with children or teenagers.


Mind: for better mental health

The mind is a charitable organization in England and Wales that supports people with mental health problems and campaigns to provide services, raise awareness, and promote understanding. The Mind blog presents stories of people living with mental health problems. Topics included seasonal affective disorder, helping others manage depression, mental health, and running. The Mind blog is primarily a resource for people living with mental health problems, but it can be helpful for loved ones and others closely involved in the lives of those with mental illness.


Lawyers with depression

lawyer with depression was created by Dan Lukasik as a sort of online support group to talk about the prevalence of stress, depression, and anxiety in the legal profession and how to manage and destigmatize it. The blog offers resources on everything from starting a support group in your bar community to recovery plans to the decision to take medications. It is designed to be a useful resource for anyone currently practicing the legal profession (lawyers, paralegals, law professors, judges, etc.) or considering a legal career.


The Mental Elf

The mental health experts behind The Mental Elf are committed to ensuring that readers can learn everything they need about updated and reliable mental health research. The website covers a variety of mental health topics such as psychosis, funding for mental health research, and depression in adolescents with an evidence-based approach that is relevant to mental health practice in the UK and beyond. Mental elf is primarily a resource for mental health professionals and medical service providers, but it can also be helpful for people who have mental health problems.


MQ: Transforming mental health through research

Mental health and quality of life: this is what MQ means. Their vision is to transform mental health treatment through research and to create a world in which mental health is understood and treated effectively. The MQ blog covers mental health in schools, how doctors can better treat mental health problems, and new research on mental health. It is an excellent resource for researchers, mental health professionals, and medical service providers, as well as for anyone working in the defense of mental health.

Thus, the above list of best blogs about depression can prove to be a miracle for you if you are suffering from depression because they contain a plethora of advice on how you can overcome this terrible condition.