How to fight depression naturally

Depression can completely drain out body’s energy shattering the WILL by making one feel empty and exhausted throughout the day. With each passing moment it gets difficult to gather the strength and also to get help and to open about it.

Depression is a universal malady which cannot be and should not be neglected. Apart from getting medical help, individuals must also boost their physical and mental health.

Natural Restoration of mind

It is recommended for the individuals to develop personal skills and habits to overcome depression. It is also important to note that at first individual may not find himself very enthusiastic about such activities and feel unmotivated. It is perfectly normal to feel as such until you are half way done.

Here are some small steps that can help you get the old you back.

Know yourself: Depression is a universally observed common truth which has no denying. Thousands of people get affected by it every day that may also include the people around you facing similar challenges, emotions and obstacles.

The main cure to the treatment of such infirmity is to be open about yourself, recognizing, accepting and loving yourself and to what you are going through.

Tomorrow is a new day: Undermining yourself, your feeling and your emotions may feel like a way to overcome the negativity of depression but it is not a healthy way to overcome the fear.

If you are having a bad day, let those emotions sink in but don’t stay there mentally, overcome it. Pen down your feeling and when those feelings lift up, then also write those feelings. Comparing the ebb and flow of such feelings may also help to positively build the aspect of self-healing and hope.

Hope, is a good thing in this time of despair. A hope for better tomorrow that it will bring a positive change also that something good can come out of it. Grace yourself to that somedays can be dark but better days would follow. Try to look for the silver lining.

Set goals and reward yourself: Set your goals for the day, try to complete them in your own style; do not consider them a burden but to be graceful about them.

After completing you set goals, you will get a sense of accomplishment, try to reward yourself by having some treats as small things bring happiness.

Routine and workout: Make a timetable, set you routines straight, get your life according to the plan. Set your routine according to your own designed timetable. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Try to get a sound sleep by going to bed early and complete the sleep cycle. Get up early in the morning, go for a jog, join gym, indulge yourself in healthy routine and try to be up for the daily tasks.

At start it would feel difficult but slowly and gradually you will observe yourself filled with adrenaline and positive hope.

Mother nature: Nature is without any doubt the best medication and most powerful influencer. Soaking up the sunlight increases the serotonin level which leads to a temporary mood boost. Consider having a walk among the trees and spend some time with the “GREEN”, which will ultimately help you to relax your mind, body and soul.