How To Help A Friend With Depression?

Depression isn’t a nightmare or something that ensues secretly in a bottle. It would affect the feelings of a person, made them encounter new challenges every day. Not only a depressed person but their surroundings and social circle especially friends and family often become hopeless and helpless for their recovery. A depressive person might not vocalize their feelings, needs, and hurdles, so that would become their friends’ and family’s responsibility to encounter the situation and help them in that episode. More than family, friends often proved to be more helpful and supportive in dealing with depression. That’s not because the family doesn’t care as much as a friend could, but the reason would be attachment and frankness with friends. A person might not discuss certain things openly to their parents and siblings as much openly they can speak out to their friends. Moreover, friends can party together, go out, hang out, and have fun that wouldn’t be a persons’ comfort zone with their family members.

How To Help A Friend With Depression?

Remember that depression isn’t your friend’s choice, it’s just a mental illness that would lead them to some serious downfalls in their life. As a friend would be your responsibility to take them out of that depressive state so that they would be able to perform their tasks efficiently and live a normal life. There would a lot a friend can do to heal depressive episodes in their friend.

  • Listen Willingly & Offer Help

Listening is the best practice to approach a person’s feelings. Sometimes advice didn’t help as much as listening and understanding your friend’s depressive state could. After listening to them offer your support and help as if you are always willing to listen to their feelings and won’t judge them on that basis. That would build their trust and heal them as well.

  • Go Out & Enjoy The Time

The best help only a friend could do is hanging out with a depressed friend. Making them realize that they could still enjoy their lives away from all the worries and depressive states. Working on a hobby, going out even just for a walk, or watching a movie could be enough to help a friend heal their situation.

  • Encourage Social Participation

Encouraging a friend to participate in social events, join certain groups and societies, and organizing events would help in distracting the mind. It would also make a depressive friend participate actively in positive activities and explore their thinking patterns as a normal person would. Such gatherings would even help in mentoring their paths towards recovery and success.

  • Share Positive Stories & Protect Negativity Around Them

A friend should not only instigate positive, hopeful, and productive thoughts but protecting a friend from negative thoughts and people would also be their responsibility. Negative and worthless feelings could lead to the worse state of depression that’s why it would be a friend’s priority to protect such views and people who could trigger their depression.