How To Hide Depression?

Depression is a mental disorder that’s more associated with mood and extreme sadness. It could also prevent the sufferer from performing their routine tasks appropriately. With a lot of symptoms, it’s sometimes very evident in a person. On the other hand, some people might not have any noticeable symptoms or better to assume they hide their symptoms very well so that no one could figure out their depressive state, which is often known as smiling depression. It would be possible that a person himself doesn’t know about their depressive episode, but that’s rare as the symptoms are obvious in a person having it.

How To Hide Depression?

Hiding depression isn’t considered as a good practice. But due to the stigma attached with this mental illness some people might be surrounded by the ones who never understand this state and aren’t ready to help others having depression. So, it would be a good choice to hide depression in front of such people or whatever is the reason a person could hide their depression while controlling a few things.

  • Dress Up Very Well

Dressing up and maintaining a good look every time a depressed person is meeting someone could help a lot in hiding depression. It could even make the depressed person feel good about their self. Looking tired or sick could make others realize very easily that there’s something wrong with a person. A lot of people while talking about their depression often mention that dressing up, doing makeup, and creating specific looks would help to stabilize their mood and stress.

  • Socialization & Participation In Events

Self-isolation or loneliness is one of the most obvious symptoms of depression that could leave a doubt in other’s minds about a person’s depressive state. So, if a person is hiding their depression, they should socialize, converse and actively participate in gatherings and social events around them. Showing active presence and involvement in certain tasks would keep a person busy and make them boosted. Also, it would not let anyone figure out depression.

  • Social Media Posting

A person trying to hide their depression often posts very much on their social media platforms, and their postings most probably let others figure out their sadness, hopelessness, and loneliness. So, to hide depression is not just a behavioral attempt of having a smile saying nothing is wrong, but it is also associated with one’s social activities. Better is to post positive things that would make others as well as a depressed person hopeful about their recovery.

  • Drugs & Alcohol Consumption

Silent depressions often lead to frustration in a person that would lead them to any such activity like alcohol abuse, drug consumption, and excessive smoking. However, if a person would ignore such gatherings and parties  that triggered these habits, could protect themself from such type of state. Also, these addictions are the easiest way to bring people’s concern about depressive states or the person himself confessing their feelings in that down state.