How To Talk About Depression

According to a statistic, one out of six adults has experienced at least once in their lifetime a major depressive episode. However, still, there’s a stigma regarding depression that makes it even worsen for a person to deal and get out of depressive condition. Misconceptions and mistaken believes makes one think of sharing about their depressive episode with other either their family, friends, or sometimes even doctors. And that’s important to consider the consequences of sharing your depressive state with someone either they will help and manage to make you recover from that or just ignore this fact and instigate even more worsen the state of depression.

How To Talk About Depression

Knowing the condition of a depressed person, it becomes harder sometimes to choose the best words while talking to them. Because your words might trigger panic attacks or maniac even if you were not intended to hurt the person. Depression increases a person’s sensitivity towards words and sayings of others, and sometimes words would cause a person to feel guilty or insulted and could possibly trigger anger.

Talking about depression isn’t absurd but asking annoying questions about the conditions to a depressive person wouldn’t be appropriate.

  • Act as a compassionate listener in front of a depressive person. That would be a support act to just listen to their state without suggesting anything or trying to fix everything, just listen to them first.
  • Don’t bring your worries and situations while talking to them.
  • Try to meet the depressed person as often as possible. Face to face conversations is more helpful for the sufferer in sharing their feelings.
  • Don’t judge a depressed person based on what they are saying. Insulting and judging can make one feel guilty about their state and can lead the depressive episode to some serious self-harm or suicidal conditions.
  • Express your concern and love again and again while staying polite and persistent. Because depression can lead loneliness in a person, and they might distance themselves from even their family and friends.

How To Start A Conversation About Depression?

Remember depression often leads negativity in a person or it could just be oversensitivity. So be cautious while having a conversation with a depressed person. Even the right intentions and concerns could make them feel guilty and embarrassed about their state. Especially start with very gentle words in a gentle tone as well.

  • Show your concern and ask to share their feelings openly.
  • Ask them to take out or plan a party or gathering with them while showing the concern that you care for them.
  • Start with the changes you have noticed in their behavior and ask them the reason behind that but politely.
  • You can ask for the reason properly that if some incident or other things are dragging the downstate and triggering stress and depression.
  • Ask in a friendly manner for the way they need your support. Best is to ask if you can fix a professional’s appointment for them so that they could help you better.