Pornography and Depression

This is a relationship that has not been ignored in many researches. What we usually hear about this are simply myths and stereotypes. And it is not surprising they have developed because porn is considered bad by many people. So it’s normal that these myths have spread around, intended to stop the consumption of porn.

The uncanny relationship between porn and depression

There is no clear evidence that tells us or suggests that porn can cause depression. In 2018, a study was done on the connection between porn, people’s definition of porn, and depression. It was found that people feel guilt, distressed, and upset while watching porn or other sexual content. It does affect your emotional health, but it cannot trigger or make you depressed.

If we explore the consumption of porn by depressed people, it is noted that depressed men possibly watch and consume more porn. A study in 2017 found that people who watch porn and think it is morally wrong will show depressive symptoms. It also showed that people who show depressive symptoms usually do watch porn the most. These are also the people who don’t think porn is morally wrong. So rather than the porn itself affecting our mental health, how we perceive it actually impacts it more. People who watch porn and still think that it is morally wrong to do so will be left with negative impacts on their mental state.

In conclusion, it has not been proven yet that porn can cause depression or trigger it in any other way. But it is seen that people who watch porn the most show more depressive symptoms. And people who think that porn is wrong and are addicted to it are more likely to be depressed.

Porn Industry and Depression

If you are aware of the situation of the porn industry, you might know how bad the situation is for the people working there. Many porn actors were initially forced into this life in some way or the other. They are recruited at a young age where they get in contracts they can’t get out of and are exploited. Not just that, some actors have to do things that they are not willing to do but are forced to. Some have to do some bizarre stuff just to earn extra money as there is more money in such acts. So the mental stress, emotional trauma, working a job they are forced at, and doing things that they don’t want to, will leave them with a feeling of being caged and helpless. All these feelings can cause them to have severe depression.

Porn as an Addiction

Porn is yet to be considered an addiction. It is usually considered a compulsion. Usually, people watch it to pleasure themselves; they consider it as enjoyment to a certain extent. But when they start doing it not because they want to but because they have to, it becomes a problem. When it becomes hard for people to stop watching it, then it is a problem for them.