Reasons: Why Depression

Mental illnesses have become very common in the last many years. A lot of researchers studied and explained different mental illnesses separately and deeply. Depression and anxiety would be the most common ones among them. A lot of symptoms and reasons came out after such researches that proved the severity of depression. Reasons and conditions might vary although some points are evident in depressive people.

Whatever would be the reason behind depression but the chemical imbalances in the brain are real and probably happened in every depressive person. Serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, noradrenaline are the major neurotransmitters associated with depression and other mental disorders. Serious breakdowns in neurotransmitter’s levels could often lead to some serious outcomes however medication and proper treatments could prevent the situation and regulate the brain to its normal activities. The major concern while treating depression is the cause that leads to such a traumatic situation.

Reasons: Why Depression?

A lot of factors would lead depression in a person, however, the most prominent are:

  • Side effects of certain medications are very pungent that they would trigger stress and depression. Drugs including isotretinoin, corticosteroids, interferon-alpha often recommended treating acne or other conditions that would highly increase the risk of stress and depression.
  • Losing a family member or friend sometimes would become an irreparable loss for a person most attached to the loved one. Such feelings of grief could increase the chance of major depression.
  • Physical or sexual abuse is the most common reason triggering major depressive episodes in a person. Even after the years of such incidents, a person wouldn’t be able to get out of that trauma.
  • Family controversies, squabbles and conflicts would also trigger major depressive states including bad temper in a person.
  • Any other stressful event or sometimes even good events such as a new job, losing a job, low income, divorce, study issues/ stress, retirement, and certain breakups could build stress and pressure that would eventually lead to major depression.
  • Depression could be inherited genetically. Family history matters a lot in depression and all other mental illnesses. A person who had their parents or forefathers struggled with depression or any other mental disorder would be more likely to prone to depressive episodes.
  • Social circles matter a lot in maintaining or destroying the mental state of a person. A social circle having negative people would annoy a person or make them feel guilty and that persistent bullying could trigger serious depression in that person.
  • Some diseases and illnesses also lead to stress and depression especially the long-term health conditions. High or low blood sugar levels and most probably malignancy patients are more likely to have depression during their illness or even after recovery.
  • Substance abuse could be the cause of nearly 30% of depressive people. Although drugs and alcohol consumption make one relax for a few times that would eventually end up with the major depressive episodes with some obvious self-harming and suicidal feelings. Excessive consumption could even cause death or other panic attacks.