What Is Crippling Depression

Depression is the most common mental illness these days. And itself a serious mental state but some cases could actually be more debilitating than one’s imagination about a depressive episode. Although symptoms of depression vary from person to person. And most common are the ones affecting daily chores including fatigue, nausea, sleep disorder, eating disorders, and loss of interest in every activity. These conditions might often result in some serious outcomes as continuous failures, job loss, or loss in business. And so, these failures might add more severity to the depressive episode of a person. A person might start developing feelings of guilt, insult, and shame consequently.

What Is Crippling Depression?

Clinical depression is often referred to as the most severe state or an episode of depression which even limits or restricts a person of their daily routine activities. When a person reached that level of the inability in their life that type of depression, in general, is named as ‘Crippling Depression’. Some cases of crippling depression might last for a few weeks or months especially the ones caused by the death or loss of some of their loved ones. However, some episodes might become a lifelong struggle and are opposed to lasting treatments for their whole life.

Crippling depression is the term linked more of the daily routine tasks as sleep and eating disorder. A person probably couldn’t get out of bed even after the excessive sleep, didn’t feel the need to eat something, take bath, or perform any other basic function or activity that’s required to live. Laying all day in bed is the one most observed though, even most professionals and doctors refer crippling depression with that. Because that would result in serious outcomes as one can be dropped out of school or college, fired from their job, or some serious losses in business.

Is Crippling Depression Similar To Major Depressive Disorder?

Crippling Depression is usually used as an unofficial or general term by the people to describe the severity of depressive episodes or symptoms of depression as an inability to work or perform routine tasks. Shortly, it’s considered as a synonym to the major depressive disorder or clinical depression. However, in professional terms, crippling depression is considerably different from any other mental disorder and also severe than the major depressive disorder.

Minor to moderate depression is easy to cure as well as these usually won’t make a person fully unable to perform any of their tasks. That does affect the performance of work, routine activities but not to the point of total disability. However, the major depression which is usually called crippling depression is the one causing a person to become completely disable in their routine tasks. That severity or almost insuperable condition of doing anything or simply inability even in moving from the bed is what described as the term crippling. So the difference lies in major depressive disorder and crippling depression but probably in terms of severity of the condition of a person in a depressive episode.