What is it like to have depression?

Depression is a severe mental disorder that can disrupt the life of a human. This can lead to long-lasting and serious feelings of despair, hopelessness, and lack of interest in sports. This may also induce severe signs of discomfort, changes in appetite, and issues with sleep. Symptoms and causes of depression can differ greatly among individuals. Gender might even play a crucial role that why and how a person is hindered by depression or what it feels like to them. One of the prevalent myths regarding depression is that it’s equivalent to feeling upset or down. While many persons with depression experience sorrow, it feels far more intense than the feelings that come and go in reaction to life changes. Symptoms of depression will last for months or years, making it extremely difficult or unbearable to get on with regular activities. It may interrupt jobs, marriages, and day-to-day activities such as self-care and domestic chores.

Depression may often include certain manifestations such as fatigue and abdominal discomfort, indigestion, constipation or diarrhoea, and decreased sex desire. If these physical signs are more apparent than feeling sad, individuals may not yet know that they are depressed. Whereas some may characterize depression as “living in a black hole” or experiencing inevitable demise, others feel dead, hollow, and apathetic. When one suffers from mental illness, it will become a severe health problem if left untreated. Depression is not a symptom of failure or something that you should “step out” by “trying to put yourself back”. It can seem like wickedness, bad mood, and hideous behaviour so no one can empathize with these unappealing characteristics. In reality, depression is far more dynamic, complicated, and dark than misery – more like an erosion of self. In a heavy state of despair, you’re just a half-lived spirit.

Depression may feel like

  • There is no happiness or purpose in life. An individual with depression may not appreciate the things that they once did, and may feel that none of this will make them feel good.
  • They usually have low self-esteem. Persons with depression can feel like they’re useless or unable to do something. They may focus on negative things and interactions, and they may not be able to find positive attributes in themselves.
  • Pain and soreness can be there. Some may get fatigue, nausea, body aches as well as other depressive pains.
  • Anger or anxiety. Feeling irritated, anxious, or hostile. Their patience level is weak, they are mostly short tempered and anything about everyone gets on their nerves.
  • Self-loathing. Clear emotions of inferiority and regret. They constantly blame themselves for alleged flaws and inconsistencies.
  • Concentration issues. Unable to focus on variety of things, difficulty in taking decisions or recalling things.
  • Low energy level. Most people seem to feel like they just don’t get out of bed or feel constantly tired, particularly when they get proper sleep. They can feel too frazzled to perform basic daily activities.
  • Food does not sound appetizing. Any people suffering from depression feel like they might not want to eat anything, so they have to push themselves to try and eat. This will lead to severe weight loss.