Which country has the lowest and highest depression rate

Depression is a growing psychiatric illness that affects more than 322 million individuals globally as stated by WHO. It is marked by chronic depression and loss of involvement or enjoyment in satisfying or pleasant behaviours. The symptoms of depression can be long-lasting or persistent and can significantly affect the capacity of a person to survive and lead a stable life. Depression can occur at any age but is most common among youth due to money-related issues, pressure of getting high grades and cultural stigmas. Rates of depression varies from country to country according to their scenarios, some countries have low rates of depression whereas some have relatively high rates, and others have average rates but everywhere on globe depression is a quite serious issue and the countries are trying to deal with it.

Countries with Highest Depression Rate

Afghanistan is the most depressed country with highest rate of 22.50% in the world and more than one in five people suffers from this disorder and the reasons are war, political conflicts, and terrorism. When it comes to depression it is associated with both low and high-income countries according to WHO reports. China, India, U.S, Brazil and many other countries have high rates of depression and suicide cases. Depression and other psychological conditions are immensely under-reported all over the world.

Social stigmas, cultural biases and lack of access to treatments are the cause of high rates and underreporting. Still people are unaware of the importance of psychiatric treatments and is considered as a taboo worldwide. Report of WHO states that, lack of support for individuals with mental disability is common in several countries even in high-income ones approximately half of the people with depression do not receive any kind of treatment and around 3% of health budget is spent on mental conditions. There’s still a huge shortage of mental health experts, such as psychologists and psychiatrists. In many countries symptoms of depression are considered as physical rather than psychological and in China, no one claims to have depression and they are most likely to say that they have back pain or any other somatic problem.

Countries with Lowest Depression Rate

Japan is the least depressed country with the ranking of 2.46% around the globe, mainly because of high level of social awareness on depression which increases the number of diagnosis and treatments. Other countries with low-level of depression like South Korea with 2.48%, Mexico with 2.96%, and Australia with 3.05% have just added mental health screening programs to their health sector, which may clarify the cause behind reduced-depression levels. Depression occurs when one cannot satisfy the levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and feels stressed or unprivileged but it can be cured by seeking help from doctors or psychiatrists on which these nations are working. Depression is a curable disorder and countries with low rates are focusing more on it. Cognitive therapies are the most effect aspect in reducing depression as it helps people to relax and is extremely effective than antidepressants.